Last Night

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I don't think
Why'all ready for this one
(Hmm, mmm, mmm, mmm)
This is for the
New mill-aximun baby
(Oh, oh yeah)
Sisqo for 2001, yeah
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Check this one out, ha
Got a funny thing for
The girl in my dreams
Preyin' on me every night
Like a raven in flight
I'm wakin' up hot
Trying not to get caught
'Cause my girl's here with me
Light brown eyes with
A perfect waist size
Got a body like pow,
Make me want it right now
Drivin' me crazy while
I'm layin with my lady
I hope she don't see
It started one night,
After we had a fight
No make up, got me frustrated
And I'm actin'
So I took a shower and
Fell asleep in an hour
This hot, hot pretty
Young thang came
Picked me up with a bang-bang
Got me stuck and
I couldn't say a damn thing
Can't believe this scene
I'm feenin' for the
Girl in my dreams

Last night had
A dream about a freak
Had me wakin' up in
Head from my sleep
The girl made me sweat,
Got my sheets all wet
And I don't even know
Who she be
She's fine as hell,
I can barely handle it
And oh the breasts
Got me all out of breath
So fine, on my mind every night
Trippin' off a dream,
But damn she was tight

Oh, I'm startin' to feel funny
Like I'm creepin' on my honey
It's a dream but it feels so real
Feel her body cover me
Waiting for the freak
When I'm with my lady
It's a shame,
I don't even know her name
But I know her measurements 36-24-36
Why am I seein' her eyes,
Them thighs
Could it be that love just hit me?
In the form of a hot girl fantasy
I hate to say it but the
Lady drive me crazy
That girl, got me
Actin' shady to my baby
I can't shake the spell,
Can't break it
Goin' crazy thinkin'
Of her butt naked
What to do every night I crave?
Girl I can't behave
Last nigh

Repeat chorus twice
Uh, got me goin' crazy
(Could it be my last chance?)
I don't know
(Ooh, ooh)

The vision of my lust
Hunger for her touch
I can't understand
I'm caught up in the
Thought of her so much
So at night I lay
Hennesy got me
Slowly driftin' away

Baby I'm so confused
What am I gonna do?
But until then dreamin'

Repeat chorus twice

Writer/s: Nathan Walton / Tavia Ivey