Nothing, Nowhere

Lay Me in the Reservoir

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Looking at young people involved in the occult, do you see any particular type of dress?
I have personally observed people wearing black fingernails, having their hair painted black, wearing black t-shirts
Sometimes they will tattoo themselves
Do you have an opinion as to whether or not there are occult overtones or elements of occult involvement in these particular markers?

Sleeping in on Saturdays
I hang my head, I'm full of hate
And you can die in many ways
So lay me on the interstate
Told you once, I'll say again
My body's burned, I’m shivering
Won't make amends, don’t need a friend
My blood is black, I’m fucking spent

Usually the younger the individual the more pure it is, the more powerful, the more force it has
A lot of times they will take blood and store it for other services and other use

I fell away, please stay away
It’s all in my head, can’t leave my bed
I'm sleeping all day, wasting away
So throw me in the reservoir

How were you accepted into involvement at Columbian Pacific universities?
I had to fill out surveys of papers including all my education and background experience