Twilight Ophera


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Sorely aroused from a nightmarish portent of perishing cruelty
I behold the opaque silhouette on periphery of nebulous light
Shivers dash throughout the strained spine; kiss of abomination
Monstrous phantasmagoria pursues the capricious equanimity
by twisted shapes dancing onward on the boundaries of eyes
Hatred be that fallacious sight, throw me upon the wings of night
Vagrant glance scours for light, hallway corners disguise them tight

Lecherous lustre of iridescent fire casts shadows upon the immaculate
yet more ominous is the one whose lurking behind the cloak of night
Foremost lick from most equivalent value in heaven and hell; reverence
Inquiring and proclaiming for the infinite enchantment by the profanation
Exhausted by its own filthy crave, but still avidly entreat more and more
Shadows entwine ascending moon, united within the flickering flame

The source of ravishment - vigour of flesh
The primordial require - the sin of death

King spiteful fierce me not
I brought for thee this fearful moth
Hallowed be impurities of thy substance
slayer of heretic soul

Arrive within the pain and let me stand
amidst thy solemn absent
'til dusk vanished our reflection
in grandeur of rotten trinity
In scenario where vision fails
unified with shadows that compound
And in limbo of pleasure we lurk
in bitter solitude of horrid lunacy

Writer/s: Timo Puranen

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