Let It Be Broke

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I Live in Truth, Complacently.
Where's the Threat You See in Me?
Am I the Cause of Your Self Consciousness?
You Scream At Me
'cause I Can't Ignore the Destructiveness That You Support,
'cause My Life's Contrary to Yours.
No Soft Words From My Mouth.
A Glazed Look in Your Eyes.
I Live in the World of Reality, You Comfort Yourself With Lies.
I Will Release Myself, I Will Detach Myself From You.
I Will Detach Myself From Your Kind.
I've Seen Your Life But I Can't See How It Is
That You Can Be So Content in Your Own Ignorance.
Its Been So Dark For So Long Now a New Light Has Come Along,
Illuminating All, So Shut Your Eyes.
I Won't Tell You What You Want to Hear,
I Will Show You What's Real. I Will, Will Defy.