Otis Redding

Let Me Come on Home

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Oh, baby, I want to come home to you
Baby, I got to get home to you
Days and nights feeling so blue
Lord, I just don't know what I'm gonna do
Oh, baby, I wanna come home
Oh, baby, I you're one thousand miles away
Baby, you're just one thousand miles away
Take these chains from 'round my heart
Never leave you, you no more you never depart
Baby, let me come on home to you
Oh, I love you, baby, let me come on home
Please, let me come on home to you, girl
Crying my eyes out over you
I don't know nothing in the world that I'm gonna do
But I'm gonnaâ?¦
Come on, girl, say it, I got to get home
Yeah, baby girl, I love you, honey
Please let me come home

Writer/s: Al Jackson, Jr. / Booker T. Jones / Otis Redding

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