Lost Society

Lethal Pleasure

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Let's go!
Unleashing and speeding the past in front
Tonight's gonna be about guts and glory
The needle can't break, I don't care about this shit cause I got the three b's with me
Smash me with a fist or spit in my eyes, I got something on me
More than you know, it'll melt your brains and drag you down below

Hit that shit!

See me the crazy flipped red guy, pushing it my style
Forward, my runaway will go on
Till we reach the skies below

Fuck up, go!

I'm going down, I'm gonna rip it up, talking 'bout this speed
This is my lethal pleasure
Thrashin' up, hitting it oldschool, bang your head for
Our lethal pleasure

Raw aggression forcing through your head, down your spine, through your ass
I will take no for an answer, if you pussy out this time
Cause when I'm in charge, I'm the man and you will get your dose of metal
For you the end and me the start, you will know it's
The lethal pleasure

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