Lick Mt Baby Back Behind

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(Oh daddy daddy!)
(Oh daddy daddy!)

Teach me teach me
I'm just a little girl
With lovin' on her mind

Reach me reach me
Give me a spin and twirl
From all the way behind

Tell me how to hold it
While we, while it's growin
Baby, it's so swollen
Now we're flowin'
Whoops! Explosion!

You're older and it's thrilling me (Yeah yeah!)
To bad our love's a felony (A felony!)

Your big like daddy,
I'll open wide
Put it inside
Lick my baby back behind!

You do protest that i can be in jailbait (Jailbait!)
I'm just 16, but I just can't wait (I just can't wait!)
My mom's real cool,
You won't do time!
Lick my baby back behind!