Ephraim Lewis

Let The Healing Begin

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I'm Tired of These Walls
That Have Held My Captive Heart
And I'm Ready For the Change
To Come and Reach Me Through These Scars

I Long to Hear You Speak
Sweet Peace Into My Soul
Reach Into the Depths That no One Knows
Let Your Healing Waters Flow,
'cause I'm...

Moving On, to Better Days
Let the Healing Begin
Up Ahead, I Can Hear You Call My Name
Let the Healing Begin
Let the Healing Begin

Your Love For Me Is Deep
And Your Mercy Is So Wide
Somehow You Reach Beyond the Boundaries
Of All My Foolish Pride

So Come and Wash Away These Things
That Have Held Me to My Past
'cause Jesus You're the One and Only One
That Can Set Me Free At Last, 'cause I'm...

Repeat Chorus

Let It Rain Down (Whoa Let It Rain Down On Me)
Let It Rain Down
Don't You Know It's Time For Me to Be

Repeat Chorus

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