The Church

Let Y=X (Survival mix)

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I don't wanna
I don't wanna
I don't wanna be by myself
Be left on a shelf

Oh yeah
Your one and only life
Ripped from the earth with these bare hands
You dare
Question the ritual
Despite continual
Threats of "gonna get you all"

We ride for miles and miles
Following the howling of our prey
Out there
Reload our yellow rigs
Scrambling for shelter
Dig a void, decay

1 for the cockpit blues
2 for the Panzer crews
3 for the vast and molten sky
4 for the failed talks
5 for the knives and forks
6 for forbidden kicks
All the yobbos in the sticks

1 for the flaming sun
2 for the location
3 for the martyrs and the stars
4 for the wind and sand
5 so you understand, so you understand

[Many overlapping voices from here on]
[Female] ...system overload in time, time, time, time...
[Kilbey] One, two, three, four
[Kilbey] Enjoy that?
[Female] Yeah, I did
[???] Soon as the ???
[Kilbey] You should be able to tell that
[Female] Well now I know
[Kilbey] And now you're going to notice it

How could he survive for that long ([Koppes?] magazines, education)
How could he survive for that long