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© ellis 2002

far away from home you never once thought about it
it's not easy to leave things turned upside down
that was the time when you rose to the occasion
you let your feelings go but somehow they stuck around

its not so bad to visit, everybody has got demons
that they try to hide from
some are drowning in a bottle
some are running from the truth
like they believe that it would kill them
some feel heavier than darkness and they want to die
fear and truth collide

never were the words ready
you weren't prepared for the wall of emotions
that hit you from the side
you left that town in texas like a storm blowing in
you didn't mind you left pieces on the ground
but it's not so bad to visit
everybody has got history that they try to change
in the corners of their minds
some give power to critics, some are always counting money
putting walls around their hearts
like they are fighting for their lives
we are the same inside

so why is it so hard to remember
when it feels like everything is falling down
we are caught in the fire like cinder we survive
but to our wounds we are bound

where is amazing grace
i knew you from the past
you shined light on my face... i need you to come back
i've been searching for answers
look into what i find

i read things about the buddha, things i understand sometimes
it's hard not to take personal
everything that comes to mind
i feel like a fish trying to fly
it all comes down to this
i run away from pain
i've got to turn and face it someday