Mad Skillz

Lick The Balls

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Mad skillz, nigga, i'm known to crush an mc or two
Niggas try to step and get reps, but who the fuck are you?
Around this part of town we are the niggas who don't play
Supafriendz be the mens that are holding down va
Flatten niggas like tires, what i do with 'em?
Get in their ass so they hype men when i get through with 'em
Hope you don't mess up cause on the mic i don't slip
You playa hate, i show you how to eat a fucking brick
Danja, what you think? (please, no one can serve us)
Niggas popping shit get shook, scared, and nervous
Playa haters, this is for all of y'all
Nigga what, you can get these motherfucking nuts, lick the balls!

Now everytime i grab the mic you know i'm ripping it
Put your taste buds on the sack and start licking it
Quan's taking a classic slick rick flipping it
Clowns could fuck around, i be spitting shit
Now here they come looking trife, you know how niggas bite
Sewing they assholes up, trying to keep they shit tight
Stay in your place, beats get blazed and laced
You're wack, you deserved to get smacked right in your fucking face
Get your weight up, we do an mc should
Y'all niggas couldn't sell a tape in your neighborhood
Got the gall to want to see a nigga fall
Try to keep it on the low, but while you down there yo, lick the balls!

Sucker ass mc's, talking all this shit, niggas don't want it, nawmean?

Mc's get sliced, every fucking thing i say is nice
Swell it if you like, i put your ass on ice
That's right, in va we be grooving shit
Put your ass in our way and we be moving it
Who's getting done this year, nigga? i bet your crew knows
Cocking .44's, sticking niggas for they school clothes
Shock the spot, shivers when i rock the stud mic
It's aiight, get bone nigga, i cold fuck your wife
Friends super, from now to the fucking ending
Ain't nothing sweet, mad deep is how we all living
So who stands gossiping behind the walls?
You can't do shit for my motherfucking click, lick the balls!

Go mad skillz! give it to me! that's what the hoes say
While you set, i put bets to blow your whole scene
Pulling dimes i don't want, now that's my game plan
Shit on motherfuckers and i tell 'em who the fuck i am
My name is skillz and now you know who's getting ill
Fuck the world for real, we bout these stacks of mils
Get off the dick, the shit talkers get served
"from where???" was the best album your ass ever heard
I eat you up and give your whole crew a bowl of puppy chow
Don't say shit, bust you with a sign language freestyle
So those that hate me, guess what, i hate y'all
Y'all niggas can't compare, don't even come up for air, lick the balls!

Mmmm, what they taste like, nigga?