Love Seed Mama Jump


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I'll miss you if you're no longer on my side
Well that's o.k., I won't hold on to you
If you feel the need to cut me down to size
Well all right, but I'm not here for you just to criticize
What I say, or how I live my life
Is that o.k.? Is that o.k. with you?
I sat alone while no one opened up their eyes
Or cast a hand to save this drowning man
I understand, this one's really not my fight
So walk away, well I can't hardly blame you anymore

This is how I want to live my life
This is how I want to live my life
Is that o.k? Is that o.k. with you?

Everybody wants to see me live a certain way
But I'm finding that's not possible and if only for a day
To have you walk a mile within my shoes and just see me for me
You'd find the answer, then you would know


Writer/s: Rick Arzt

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