Rockie Fresh

Life Round Here

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[Verse 1:]
Youngin on the block with his 30-shot
Visions in his head of when he seen his little brother got
Feelin' like he could go and die in this very spot
At a very young age, his tired eyes done seen a lot
Part-time jobs keep some food on the table
He move a couple bags to keep his little sister's cable
His mama always struggle, but she's willing and she's faithful
When you lookin' at God like "how long this finna take you, dawg?"
All I need is one chance to make it out this shit
I know that all this drama can't be really in the script
Then the life I wanna live may never come
And every chance I had is done until I'm at square one, like we never done...

[Hook: x2]
Part time love is the life round here
We never done...
Everything feels like touchdown on a rainy day

[Verse 2:]
You grow to learn every bitch know every bitch, every nigga is a snitch
They lettin' everybody in the game, it's gotta be a glitch
Everybody sellin' somethin', everybody got a pitch
You want a hit, but can't touch base with people that's legit
Every man stand on his own feet, if he don't work, he don't eat
Fakes don't last long, long money, toke the strong
He heard of flights being flown, he wanna get inside that zone
Wanna see a land unknown, get the money, bring it home
Just wanna tell him reach his goals all day
Get the crib, do it big with the long-haul weight
Send some money to the bros and the hoes, y'all wait
It seem far, but I see it - that full time, I need it