Life Without Pain

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(Life without pain) I'm begging for
(Life without shame) Life without shame
(Life makes you moving)
(Life makes you grooving)

And there must be something more
I can tell you
I'm in much confusion
But all I can do is sing that song
So I beg you sing together

(Life without pain),
(Life without shame)
(Life makes you moving), ohh
(Life makes you grooving)

I saw when I travelled around
Thought nothing coulda happen to me
But now I'm almost to the ground
no place for to be

(Life without pain)

I'm working hard
But the smallest part
the money I earn is for me
When I look in the crowd
The saying is getting loud
The old (slave ) minority, ooh-ooh

(Life) Life
(Without pain) Without pain
I'm begging for life without shame
(Life without shame)
(Life makes you moving) Life makes you moving, ooh
(Life makes you grooving) I'm praying for a life…

(Life without pain)
(Life without shame) I feel, I feel alive
(Life makes you moving) Makes you moving
(Life makes you grooving) Alright, alright, alright

(Life without pain) Life without pain
(Life without shame) Yeah-yeah-e-yeah
(Life makes you moving) Alright, alright, alright
(Life makes you grooving)

(Life without pain) Life without pain, yeah-yeah
(Life without shame)

Writer/s: Inga Rumpf