The Bones


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Either I'm slidin' through in that fuckin' coupe
Or I'm rollin' dope on my fuckin' stoop
But either way it's ok we can get it anyday
See I light the blunt and then I lose the roof
My drugs kill 'em like homicide
Eyes replaced with them dollar signs
They get on board let alone the grind
I've been searching all night and I've yet to find

Another one like I
Team like mine
We feed em' drugs and we watch em' die
I never talk, I never walk
I'm posted smokin' should I let it spark
I'm steady hoping that you trynna bark
I got dogs in the yard, bitch make the call
Let 'em off the chain and come down like rain
And wash you and your whole dead team away

Thunder and lightning it's storming outside
See that it's bones so you cannot just hide
See that it's sesh so you cannot deny
If you don't abide, get ready to die
Ready to die, ready to die
If you don't abide, get ready to die

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