Lion's Share

Losing My Head

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Seems you said it all
When you took him hack again
I never thought I'd see you together
I don't need, no explanation
Too late, I've seen enough to know
But how could I ever understand
I really thought I knew you

Another day without you
Another day, I'm on my own
Another day to search for answers

Losing my head again
Losing my mind
Looking back,
how could I ever've been so wrong?
Can anybody help me?

When you left me cold
Disappeared without a trace
You never cared to give me a reason
I don't know,
what made you walk out
Too late, will never get you back
I know you will never
change your mind
I guess I never knew you

Wish I could rewind
Now I lose my mind
Now the feeling's dead
and I lose my head

Writer/s: Pontus Egberg