Of Montreal

Lisa Marie Blueberry

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Lisa who reminds me of a blueberry
is artistic, beautiful, and friendly
I wish that to pass her on the street
was more common because I don't know
her telephone number or her address
though I guess that I could just go
look it up since I do know her last name
it's blueberry blueberry blueberry
or at least that's what it should be
'cause that's what she seems like to me
a gentle yet passionate blueberry

we were petting seals at the underground zoo
the one you act just like
down the fireman's pole to get to
and fight drunken pirates with painted cardboard swords

just you and I and I sing to you
I know you're a really cool person
'cause you're nice to everyone you meet
monkey love I wish I were your monkey love

Lisa who reminds me of a blueberry
is intelligent, sensitive and funny
I wish that to kiss her on the lips
was more welcome because when she's near
I long to invade her personal space
though as of yet I'm still moping around on the ground
that surround the heart of mademoiselle
blueberry blueberry blueberry

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