Tim Moore

Little Bo's Peep Show

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There's a decadent zookeeper
Who keeps wearing glitter shoes
He's got the apes and monkeys into heavy metal blues
He's upset the status quo at Little Bo's Peep Show

Now I tell you, ma
It's not longer just a zoo
This yak in shades keeps showin' up with powder from Peru
And leaves from Mexico at Little Bo's Peep Show

Now the walrus shaved his eyebrows and he's wearing silver pants
And he's tryin' to get the camel all worked up for some romance
The snakes'll all be slinkin' to that funky disco groove
The whole peaceable kingdom's being shot down the tubes

See the lion's mane?
He dyed it pink
And his new eye shadow looks so sexy when he blinks
At the water buffalo (buffalo)
At Little Bo's Peep Show
Aw, yeah

Ah, the lizard's wearing lipstick and she's dressing to provoke
And the anteater is popular with all the lady folk
The hyena's sounding more like a pony when he laughs
They got Linda Lovelace in as she's coaching the giraffe

Oh, the polecat's drunk and the whale's in heat
They got six-inch purple platforms on the alligator's feet
There ain't no pianissimo
At Little Bo's Peep Show, oh no
Ah, no
Ah, but my mom won't let me go
To Little Bo's Peep Show, oh yeah