Lucy Lawless

Little Child

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Little child
We´ve been waiting for the day
of your birth.

Now we´re here celebrating
Your very first day on Earth
Perfect hands, perfect feet,
and those soft rosy chicks...

All my life I´ve dreamed of you my sweet
Little Child...

Little Child, don´t you cry no
You don´t have to be afraid...

We´re here to protect our precious pearl
upon and we make
perfect hands, perfect feet.
You´ve made our lives complete..

There´s so much
that I hope full
for my sweet little child...

I thought I knew
what true love was before
but now I´ve got you
and love means just so much more!

Little child,
I´ll be watching as you learn
and you grow.
And whatever you may go through,
you won´t have to go it alone.
But for now just you rest,
in my arms, on my chest.

As we spend our first night
with our sweet
little child...

Writer/s: Allan Rich / Eric Vetro

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