Lucifer's Friend

Little Dancer

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I went into a dance hall,
I was lookin' for a little romance.
She was standing on the floor alone
I thought I might take a chance.
But when she started to dance.
Man, She was dancing on the floor
I knew then,
I had to move then,
had to find me another girl.
Thought I found somebody else, said
Goodbye to my little friend,
but this other chick
couldn't do the things
that I wanted for myself.
When I looked around,
she was dancin' right beside the back door.
What a mover,
she was a groover,
she was just what I was lookin' for.
What a dancer, what a dancer
Man, you oughta see her move.
What a dancer,
but a romancer,
was something she just couldn't do.
When I left the dance hall
she was walking next to me.
All the guys they stood and laughed,
they knew how she could be.
When we got outside,
Lord, she kissed me
and said Goodbye.
I had to leave her,
couldn't please her
I just hung my head and I cried.
All the signs
should have told me
I didn't stand a chance.
No matter what I did,
all she had in her head
was to get on that floor
and dance.

Writer/s: Lucifer's Friend

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