Sara Bareilles

Little Devil

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Two sides of stories and two sides to my brain
You decide for me am I two times insane
Little devil….
Just cause I do don't mean I want to see it your way

He's sweet like candy but he's soured my taste
I keep him handy cause I don't like to waste
Little devil….
As cruel as you have been I guess I'll get to heaven the long way

I'm not proud of myself
Want to blame it on Somebody Else (little devil)
Don't know who to believe
When it's just me, myself, and me.
I won't know why I lied if I choose not to decide
When the devil's your guide
You are only as good as your bad side

He says he likes me and gets drunk on my words
Forgot to tell him that my spotlight can burn
Little devil…
I'll tell you to leave me alone soon as I take him home

I must admit that this is not one of my better days
I tried to quit but then I went and did it anyways
I did my best to guess the lesser of the evil two
All bets are on, you'll think I'm wrong and I'll agree with you.
He wasn't looking thought the devil wore a red dress
He should have seen even in jeans the devil makes a mess
What a shame to lay the blame upon the innocent
So what the hell, I'll blame myself and here we go again

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