Start Somewhere

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When it feels like everything you've built
Is busting at the seams and soon will all come crashing down
Build support or start from scratch again
Move ahead to find your way around

Cause the route that you took was misleading,
and you made some mistakes on your way last time around
So here's your second chance to

Be strong up against attack
Just know you can always build it back
And even the hardest times eventually will always pass

Sometimes it can seem unfair
But nothing will change just standing there
Every battle that's worth fighting had to start somewhere

Use the wreckage as a starting point.
Or move on and start again somewhere you've never been
End result will be the same each way
Play it safe or reinvent again.

And there's always two sides with different ideas
And compromise isn't easy
It seems the cycle never ends
But you know it's alright to sit for awhile,
and think about where you went wrong
If you just get back up again

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