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Basada en la canción de Atercipelados "Canción protesta".

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The price of silence

Prologue (Laurence Fishburne):

These are not just words tattooed on paper
No prison cell, no border fence, no torture well will stop our plea
No stone, no stain will mar the river of our dignity
My child, for you today our voice befriends the winds-


Verse (Stephen Marley & Natalie Merchant)
This is for the orphan children
And for all the refugees
The disappeared, the bombing victims
Don't get ratings on TV

Verse (Spanish: Julieta Venegas & Andrea Ecehverri)
Contra los arma-guerras
Contra las discriminaciones
Contral los violadores
Contra la malas vibras

[:: CHORUS ::]
We are all in this together
Brothers and sister, we can do better!
Raise your voices to the sky
The Price of Silence is much too high

Yungchen Lhamo (Sings part of a Tibetan prayer for peace)

Verse (Angelique Kidjo)
We say no to the war makers
Going on a killing spree
We say no to all dictators
Speaking their hypocrisy

Chorus (Spanish: Julieta, Andrea, Cucu Duamantes and Perdro Martinez)
Todos los seres humanos
nacemos libres, nacemos hermanos
no hablenmos mas- es tiempo de armar
un mejor mundo de amor e egualdad

Pedro and Cucu sing first Yoruban Chant

"To OBATALA, who with his white mantel walks the world in search of peace and love"

Chiwoniso overlaps in Shona:
Raise your fist with strength
Raise your leg and dance
Raise your voice and speak
Those are things of strength

Rachid Taha & Kiran Ahulwalia (Bridge to rap section, sung in Arabic & Urdu)

This song speaks of freedom
This song speaks of love
This song speaks of peace (2X)

Kiran: Leave hatred behind

Emmanuel Jal (Rap):
Does the human right law apply for the Blacks?
Imagine if there was a genocide in Spain or somewhere in Bahrain?
I see too many papers getting signed and nothing getting done
Young children in the battlefields firing guns
I, Emmanuel Jal, war child born in war-torn Sudan
Lost my childhood, was it really God's plan?
Yani di Gany Yani di Gany (who is to blame,
Who is to blame) I blame the Man
My heart goes for little Mohammed
Who lost both his mom and dad
In a bomb blast in Baghdad

Stephen Marley (Rap)
No more words and pretty phrases,
No more speeches and delay
While you talk the world is waiting
Gotta act on what you say!

Hugh Masekela (Rap)
If you're not jealous of your freedom
You're going to find yourself in serfdom
If you're not jealous of your liberty
You're going to find yourself in slavery,
Fight for your rights!

Chali 2na (Rap)
Jump up
Raise ya fist up
Against injustice
Display resistance
We use music
To make a difference
If you don't agree then
Keep your distance.
Dedicated to disaster victims
Poor people of vast descriptions
The faces you won't
see televised
Rid the world of the killin' and the genocide

Spanish Verse (Andrea Echeverri & Julieta Venegas)
A favor de los derechos
A favor de la dignidad
A favor de los humanos
A favor de la verdad

[:: CHORUS ::]
We are all in this together
Brothers and sister, we can do better!
Raise your voices to the sky
The Price of Silence is much too high

ROLL CALL (Various artists)

A world of peace
A world of freedom
With no disease
and no starvation

A world of peace
A world of freedom
free from fear
and discrimination

A world of peace
A world of freedom
with time for love
and education

A world of peace
A world of freedom
where justice rules
in every nation!

Cucu and Pedro and delegates sing 2nd Yoruba chant asking the Orisha Chango for peace.

"Let CHANGO, with all his power bring peace to the wars in the world"





Novedad discográfica

el 23/02/2024

El nuevo disco de Mayte Martín, Tatuajes, se perfila como un homenaje musical que trasciende el tiempo y las fronteras, al reunir un conjunto de doce canciones emblemáticas de la música universal.

Novedad discográfica

el 28/02/2024

Tras más de 30 años de carrera como director de la banda o en formato de dúo con artistas como Lluís Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Feliu Ventura, Miquel Gil, Tomàs de los Santos y Mireia Vives, entre otros; el multinstrumentista, productor, compositor y cantante valenciano Borja Penalba presenta Giròvag, su primer disco en donde su nombre figura en solitario en la portada.