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Jiggy Jiggy Bum

I walked out on a sagebrush hill,
Thought I'd find me a hog to kill.
I heard a big squeal and up jumped one,
I pulled my trigger and drug him home.

Jiggy, jiggy, bum, bum
Hey piggy, run, run.
Jiggy, jiggy, bum, bum
And a hey piggy, run.

Tied my rope around his feet,
Swung him up and the meal did bleed.
Middle of the night the gray wolf come
Take his wife and family some.

Grab my gun and run to the hill,
Standing up around the old wind mill.
I says, "Gray wolf, if you come to steal,
I'll slit your belly and hang you by the heels."

"Old Mr. Ranchman," the gray wolf said,
"My eleven little babies are starving dead."
I said, "Gray wolf, I'm troubled myself,
'Cause I've got a wife and children twelve."

And the old gray wolf made the big run,
Made me jump and I dropped my gun.
Took my gun and throwed it in the well,
Durn the old gray wolf's soul to hell.

Well, the old gray wolf run back to the mill
Seen my hog a-hanging by his heels.
Filled up his belly from the puddle of blood,
Then he grabbed my hog and struck for home.

Well I tore for my house and I woke my kids,
Told my wife what the gray wolf did.
And the old lady hollered and the kids they yelled.
They lit out over the gray wolf's trail.

'Fore daylight we trailed him home
In a great big cave where the batses roam.
Sent my wife and children in.
I waited outside in the northern wind.

First out flew the gray wolf's nose,
Then out flew its Sunday clothes.
Then out sailed its hair and hide,
And then out come my kids and wife.

Everybody had a sandwich in his hand,
Every girl had a slice of Virginia ham.
My wife had a hambone slick and long.
We slipped and slid the whole road home.

Well we got home, jumped in bed,
Pulled the covers over our head,
We laughed at that wolf and licked the bone,
And this is the last of wild hog's song.







Caso Víctor Jara

el 21/07/2018

La hija del popular cantante chileno Víctor Jara instó al gobierno chileno a actuar más rápido para presionar por la extradición desde Estados Unidos de uno de los responsables por el asesinato de su padre en 1973.

Nuevo cancionero y discografía

por Miquel Pujadó el 31/07/2018

Presentamos el séptimo de nuestros cancioneros y discografías anunciados en el marco de nuestro vigésimo aniversario. Guillermina Motta, octavo miembro de "Els Setze Jutges", cantautora, actriz, vedette. Sensibilidad y picardía. En fin, ternura y purpurina.



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