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Takin' It Easy

I bought me a paper cause I wanted to know
Just what to do when the sireenz blow.
If the atom bomb misses me I don't want ta fall down
A big sewer drain like an open manhole.

I'ma takin' it easy, I'ma takin' it slow.
Ain'ta gonna hurry when the sireenz blow.

That bigeye girl alivin' right next door
Beena tryin' ta connect for a year or more;
Practice whistle blew an' I flew downstairs.
She said, "Slow down, man!" She grabb'd a han'fulla hair.

Town's pitch dark, we cain't light no light;
The ole shelter hole's a lot blacker than night;
Babe O' Baby, anda Man O' Man!
Holdin' hands in th' dark! Both of us feelin' right.

I shook like a leaf on the wind th't blows;
Shivvered and I shimmied from my head to m'toes;
I broke in such a hot sweat I soaked my clothes;
She purred just like a kittenkat diggin' in close.

It may be a terrible thing ta stay;
FBI might lay me in th' jail this day;
But, her perfume smell'd sweet alla 'round,
I'ma prayin' that all clear toot don't sound!

She wiggled and oozed in closer ta me;
I felt her permamene wave abrushin' my shirtsleeve;
Felt her hot breath afoggin' up against my neck;
Mu hand was hot enuff ta cook a hard boiled egg.

Yes, that All Clear blowed and we signed for peace;
We got married just as perty as ya doggone place;
Six kids we've got achasin' round our place;
We keep our skillet jist slick as grease.

If this atombomb chases you down in a hole,
If it looks too dark to suit your soul,
Just grab on tight an' give an easy squeeze;
You'll slide into Glory where they've all got peace.







el 22/12/2022

Silvio Rodríguez Domínguez, juglar universal entre los fundadores de la Nueva Trova de Cuba, cumplió el 29 de noviembre 76 años de vida íntegra, honorable y trascendente; como todo o casi todo, que no es lo mismo pero es igual, transcurrió esta conversación en medio de los azares del trabajo y la amistad.

Caso Fernando Bécquer

el 30/01/2023

El reciente caso de abuso sexual y maltrato a mujeres protagonizado por el trovador cubano Fernando Bécquer disparó las alarmas en la isla respecto a la difusión de canciones con letras que denigran a la mujer, en temas que hacen de la vulgaridad su carta de presentación.